Life is a series of consistent inconsistencies. Caught up in being a socially acceptable “adult,” we are expected to more or less go with the flow. Get a job. Get in a relationship. Have kids. Work hard. And eventually eternally remain in the memories of loved ones. Chasing dreams is thought to be admirable by onlookers but hypocritically criticized by those close to us when sacrifices for those dreams are realized.

So we are like a stick in rapids. Longing for the shores but overcome by water. Going where the current takes us. Falling from heights, crashing over rocks, wondering, dreaming of being planted and growing fruitfully.

The shores are not for everyone. But sometimes we get to rest on a bolder for a little while. Take in the sun. Enjoy the breeze. Maybe in the next storm we’ll wash up somewhere better. Maybe, with a little courage, the shore is more attainable than we think.

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