Macro Adventure

Macro photography is something I have always been interested in but not fascinated enough to pursue. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the prices of a good macro lens. Is the price worth a niche that is so limited in focal length?

Well, I have been glued to Ebay recently and it’s been damaging to my wallet. Lenses that were way too expensive for me to look at twice a few years ago are in a tempting range now. So tempting, that I have pulled the trigger and got myself a Canon 100mm macro lens.

I’ve only shot with it twice so far but it has been fun, to say the least! It’s the time of year where the temperatures are dropping and bugs/bees are becoming lethargic. A bald faced hornet, a force I would normally respect and distance myself from, has lended himself as a willing model. Illusive flies have lied still while I circle around them, changing angles and loudly click away.

I don’t think this is going to be a niche of focus for me, but I am enjoying the adventure! It’s photography fun that I can do in my own backyard. Even the kids have joined in. Looking for bugs. Watching bees. I’m looking forward to getting out there again!

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