Something Is Missing

I once read a quote from a song writer that went something like this, “I was told that I would have to write 1000 bad songs before I wrote my first good one. So I sat down and started writing my heart out.” This person took it literally and decided to write 1000 songs as fast as possible so they could get that good one sooner.

After reading that, I remember my thought to apply that to photography. It makes sense. Photographers all seem to follow the same path (for the most part) as they learn composition, leading lines, depth of field, color theory, ect. Lets blare through the classic beginner photos and get to the breath taking good ones! For one reason or another, I always got side tracked with that thought process.

So here I am. Trying new things with my camera and editing techniques. My “style” (if you will) will seem a bit jumpy in the near future as I watch YouTube tutorials. But in the end, I hope to find me.

I am happy enough with this photo. Stress on the “happy enough.” Something is missing but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’ll post it for now. But I’ll probably be back to try something different.